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Pittsburgh, PA 15215


Phone: 412-784-4746

Fax: 412-784-5297

Same Day Transactions


7:00 AM 3:15 PM

Featured Loans

Signature -Maximum $7000 for up to 48 months                      8.99% APR

Vacation Loan -Maximum $2500 for up to 12 months                   6.0% APR

New Auto -For up to 60 months                                                        1.9% APR

New Auto -For 72 months                                                     2.99% APR

Used Auto - models 2018 -2017                                                 2.99% APR

Used Auto - models 2016-2015                                                         3.99% APR

Used Auto - models 2014 - 2012                                  4.49% APR

Share Secured  -For up to 48 months                                         3.99% APR



Apply in person at the credit union office

& see if you qualify!


We are able to email, fax or mail applications.


Call the office for a payment quote!



UPMC Payroll Deduction Available

To set up payroll deduction, notify the credit union directly!


Quarterly statements were mailed out the beginning of April.

A Supervisory audit was preformed by Chris Zuk.



Dividends were paid to member accounts on March 31st.

Share Balance $25 - $250,000

Dividend Rate .05%



Check your Credit Report Yearly!

Visit the link below to view your credit report for free!

Choose one of the three suggested credit bureaus!

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Become a Member

Joining the credit union is simple!

SMH employees and immediate family are considered eligible members.

     •Complete a signature card (located in the office)
     •Bring a valid ID
     •Deposit $5 to initiate your account


Available Member Accounts

* Regular Share * Christmas Club * Loan * VISA *



Federal Credit Union

Dates of Closure

CLOSED Monday, May 28th 2018
CLOSED Wednesday, July 4th 2018
CLOSED Monday, September 3rd 2018

8.9% APR

No Annual Fees

Please use the link below to gain online access to your SMMH FCU Visa.

*No online payments are accepted.